Mediation: A Better Way

Mediation is an alternative to the legal system. It offers an opportunity to resolve your issues without the high cost and emotional toll of the legal system. It is a non-adversarial first step to resolving a difference of perspectives. It is more effective than the legal system because it allows parties to step away from who is right and who is wrong and step toward a solution that works for both parties. It offers a forum free from the interference of people that do not have the time or the interest to understand your unique and complicated situation. The courts require mediation in many cases brought before the court because the courts believe that mediation will result in a more satisfying resolution for both parties than a decision that will be imposed upon the parties at trial. You have to live with the outcome. Mediation gives you the opportunity to have a say in that outcome.

Reduce the Financial and Emotional Costs of Divorce

Divorce and change are stressful. The involvement of an attorney often escalates the stress rather than diffuses it. Often, once one party involves an attorney, the other party feels as though an attorney is necessary, even if unaffordable. Those faced with advocating for themselves rather than hiring an attorney sometimes feel at a disadvantage. You can avoid the financial and emotional toll that the legal system triggers by choosing mediation instead. At Hart to Heart Mediation services, I offer conflict coaching, mediation, and do-it-yourself divorce and parenting plan coaching. I am truly committed to helping families resolve their differences so they can move forward with their lives.

Amy Hart, Mediator

I have developed skills to uncover the true, underlying, interests of individuals. These skills allow me to coach individuals in conflict resolution, which leads to more satisfying agreements. I am passionate about useful and purposeful mediation because the skills I have learned to help people resolve their disputes peacefully have benefited me personally. I have discovered the peace that resolution provides as an antidote to the pain conflict inflicts.