I’ve been contacted by Amy from Hart to Heart Mediation. Why have you have contacted me?

Most likely, the reason you have been contacted by Amy is because someone has opened a mediation case. It is important for you to be informed before making a decision about agreeing to mediate or declining mediation. Amy is reaching out to you to support you in making the decision you feel is in your best interest.

Things that are good to know:
  1. Opening a mediation case is a non-adversarial gesture by the other party to attempt to resolve your dispute peacefully and with your say in the resolution.
  2. Mediation is a cost effective way to resolve your dispute and prevent further action being required.
  3. Agreeing to mediate often prevents the issue from escalating into more cost and greater force.
  4. Mediation is mandatory in Washington in family cases and some small claims cases brought before the court.
  5. Declining mediation IS an option. If you feel your situation or reasoning substantiates declining mediation, you are entirely within your right to do so. However, since mediation is mandatory, you may be required to explain your position to the court.
  6. Mediation is required, but mediation with Hart to Heart is not required. If you feel another mediator is better suited for your situation, you can find other mediators at http://www.mediate.com or at https://washingtonmediation.org/
  7. Amy’s support is equally available to you as it is to the other party. There is no harm in having a conversation and allowing Amy to help you make a decision that is in your best interest.

Please return my call at 206-510-4678 or reach out to me at amy@hartmed.net