What does “neutral third party” mean?

A neutral third party is someone who is not involved in your dispute and does not judge or decide for you based on frivolous data. A judge in a court of law is a neutral third party that makes decisions based on the merits of your case and the findings of the law. A mediator is a neutral third party that helps you make decisions for yourself.

The benefit of neutrality is that neither side should feel at a disadvantage. Both parties should feel equally supported by the mediator.

Attorneys offer legal advice and advocate for you from a legal perspective. They are not neutral, they are on your side and fighting for you.  The institutional word here is “fight”.

As a neutral third party, at Hart to Heart Mediation, I will not advocate for you nor will I judge your situation. I offer conflict coaching as a means to help YOU resolve your conflict. If you are truly motivated to resolve your conflict, resolution is entirely possible.